TPD6 - Never Try To Explain

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All she wants is a friend. What’s wrong with that?

Jellica feels a smidge guilty for the money Greg Skyler is spending on their date, but what did a man who wears sweater vests expect from a woman who wears crystals, burns sage, and teaches yoga? The two of them are never going to be the romance of the century. In fact, they have absolutely nothing in common. So why is Greg so surprised and hurt to hear she wants only to be friends?

When Jellica finds out Greg’s hiding granite muscles under his buttoned up clothes, she realizes Mr. Accountant might have a little more game than she’d originally thought. Plus he’s kind to the boys and doesn’t chastise her for… well, for anything really. He just listens and cares and keeps trying to kiss her.

Just when things start to look promising, her bullying ex-husband shows up out of blue and threatens a custody battle. To say she’s stunned by his accusations about Greg is an understatement. What kind of man has she been kissing? Is Greg a good guy or a bad guy in disguise?

Before her mind can sort it out, Greg’s sister is stalking her, his mother becomes her lawyer, and Greg starts bossing her around in the nicest way possible. Plus he’s still trying to kiss her. And he’s a really good kisser. Talk about confusing…

It’s obviously time for Jellica to pull up her big girl panties and take responsibility for how she feels. Of course it would be helpful to figure that out first. Greg really is a nice guy. And Jellica is a really nice girl, but is she willing to trust her heart to a man again?

Sometimes nice guys—and girls—do finish first. And being friends and lovers is as perfect as you can get.